Final fantasy 12 viera dating agency

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Perhaps you are fond of my mutterings? As you can see, I am in my room and the sun has set. It is almost time to sleep. Kytes had visited again during noontide.

He had brought with him an important revelation to be spoken, one that had pertained to me. But he would only reveal it under one condition: Is "weggie" not a funny word?

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Though it is unnatural for me, I have been tempted to use Hume slang in my speech. I was eager to know what news Kytes had brought, and so I had promised not to weggie him. Would you like to know this news?

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It is a strange rumor. He had told me that Balthier and Fran had severed their bond, and that it was my time to steal the skypirate's heart. It was then that I became upset, and I had begun to worry about Kytes' true intentions. Do you remember what he had said yesterday?

Final Fantasy 12 Viera Dating Agency

Only his silence came when I asked why he had decided to impose his will against mine. Later he had confessed that he only wished me to be happy, and that he was sad to see me lonely everyday. Never have I received such compassion from a Hume child. I was grateful to know that Kytes had cared about me. Though I am alone, this solitude does not trouble me at all.

I had reminded Kytes that even as a Viera, solitude of the heart is counted as a blessing. I wonder if Kytes would understand this.

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Do you remember Avery? He too is a shop clerk here. I was surprised to know that Kytes had been spying on him. Kytes had revealed that Avery wishes to date me! Though I am flattered by Avery's interest and affection, I have begun to wonder if it is more than mere fancy. I have been blessed to learn much with Avery, though I had told Kytes that I did not share Avery's interest.

But it seems that Avery will not seize his advances towards me. Perhaps he is trying to win me. That is how it is done in Hume courting, is it not? Kytes had suggested telling Migelo, but for now I will stay silent a while longer.

What do you think? I had come to her seeking guidance with my troubles, and thought that her strength of will would offer insight. Would you like to know what she said? She had said that it was my time to wield a sword. She had reminded me that even in the friendly streets of Rabanastre lay predatory Humes. Though I am just a shopkeeper, and should I wield a weapon I would be more burden to myself.

Perhaps a fiery tongue may be sharper than a blade? At the time, I did not resist, and I had trained with Krjn until sunset.

The art of swordfighting is alluring! I had learned much about the clan's technique.

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When we had completed training, Montblanc had gifted me with a sword. True, he is a moogle! But he also is the clan leader. Do you see the sword beside my bed?

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  7. It is called the Deathbringer. It is a heavy sword! I had heard that one swipe would fell a Hume and deliver his soul to the underworld.