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Last week, as the nation turned a year older on July 4th, so did I.

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For me, a birthday is a birthday is a birthday — nothing too special, but still a time to celebrate my having gone another consecutive days without dying. This one was a little different, though. My 20s have finally reached their twilight. The difference between 28 and 29 or any two consecutive years is more like having one steak cooked to degrees and another cooked to It isn't bad, it's life. I'm not interested in sex for pleasure only, and so all of the tinder hookup stuff I kind of got into just isn't appealing.

I'm not interested in superficial friendships or catching up with people I don't really care too much about. So basically my life is just working and hanging out and sort of waiting to see if I meet anyone that I have a strong connection with. I've gotten really patient with this and honestly it feels great.

Either I meet someone and it's awesome, or I don't and I save all that time, money, and needless mental energy I would have spent desperately searching for it. I just wanted to add for clarification that I think it has to do with me being actually honest with myself and accepting how simple I am. I don't actually want to do the things above, and I'm fine admitting it to myself now.

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  4. Before I would beat myself up that there's something wrong with me that I'm not running around town with a bunch of friends and a girlfriend. Now I just completely admit to myself how unappealing that actually is and don't force myself to seek it out. I agree with everything you said.

    What's The Best Dating Advice For Men In Their 20s?

    I have a tight inner circle, and I'm not really interested in casual friendships. I don't wanna talk about the fking weather with people, you know? It's lonely sometimes, but superficial socializing is even lonelier. I'll always have animals, but while it'd be nice to have a life partner, well, that's not really in the cards for me I think. It's not so bad, really. I've come to understand that a good portion not all of the distress I feel over the way my life is, comes from comparing myself to others and beating myself up for not being "normal.

    BUT casual friendships are the catalyst that allows you to develop that tight inner circle of friends. It sucks to step out of your comfort zone, but if you meet someone who piques your interest and you seem to get along with, maybe get their number and have them over a couple times. You might end up developing a personal relationship with them or they might suck.

    Personally I think it's a bit of a selection bias considering it's Saturday night and everyone commenting is probably at home surfing reddit.

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    Not that I'm an outlier, just saying. I have exactly the same feeling, I don't want casual friends or superficial relationships But it's hard live like that I think And talking to the future, Idk how to ride my life I have no motivation to improve my actual conditions. As a 28 yr old lady it makes me feel so comforted to hear someone else describe almost exactly what I'm going through.

    Me too in the exact same situation. Only thing is i don't have a satisfying job. So the situation feels worse. Rest of my life is just the same as you described. Ill take being alone any sat night after going out with one of my buddies and his wife and watch them fight all night over cheese fries plus one of my exes is working on their 2nd divorce. Signing up for online classes helps me too.

    Sitting at home on a friday night watching the office, mine as well bang out some BS paper It's an incredible thing to enjoy being alone in your own company. I believe that if you can't love and appreciate being alone you won't be able to love or appreciate not being alone. You need to find comfort within yourself so others find comfort in you. You wake up, and it just gets darker. I caught myself, a few weeks ago, clutching my cat to my chest, saying, "We're alright, aren't we?

    In my early thirties, married, career, etc. Pretty content with just being with myself. I live with some cool people, but no relationship for a while now.

    Welcome to Reddit,

    Same boat here, except I'm a girl, so I have to consider if I want kids in future. Having them when I'm older would be bad for health. Makes me want to form more connections, but also not want to because I'm not sure if I'm ready to be a mom yet. I want to be like you soon But I hate my job and i have a lot of problem with be alone I made a conscious decision to cultivate a group of friends and now that I'm working a real job I've made my coworkers into friends too. Try to learn to be happy alone. I know first hand how hard that is but hobbies help and you can make good friends online through games and stuff but try not to dwell on your loneliness or it becomes a bigger problem.

    The worst thing about it is it makes you feel miserable and people pick up on your low mood but don't know why so they just assume you're an angry person or something. When you start to feel happier you'll start to look happier and it becomes easier to meet people and make friends because conversations happen more naturally.

    Loneliness is a hard thing to deal with but its not impossible to get over it. Something I found quite helpful was just getting confortable going places alone that you'd normally expect people to do in groups like the cinema, a restaurant, a bar etc.

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    When you start to do those things again you start to feel more content and you appear more friendly and genial when your mood starts to lift. If you have hobbies already, try to find hobby groups in your area or online and make an effort to go to their social events. Before long you'll have new people in your life that you have a shared interest with and you'll become friends.

    Don't let your loneliness define you in your head because it'll rule your life. Take control and see how quickly your life improves but just be happy with yourself, you're the only one whose opinion truly matters to you. I was pretty down and alone for a while. Lost a lot of close friends and gf when I was Relocated from school and work, which I had good friends at for years. I'm like 4 hours away now and became very lonely at first, especially when I couldn't afford school anymore so I dropped.

    I didn't know many people anyways so the loneliness was already there. They don't have lyft or uber where I live so I was completely isolated for about 4 months. Anyway, I got started working out and linked up with an old friend to start an online business. We skype a few times a week. In general I started going more places on my own like the gym, shops, food, and some events.

    I've made some connections and the people I've met seemed to already notice me from being in public more so all I had to do was introduce myself and they already knew some things we had in common. Amazing really, how things seem to work out without you ever noticing.

    The Realities of Dating in Your Late 20s

    Life just kind of passes you by sometimes but you have to cope with it and realize that there is always something out there for you just waiting to be found. That could be hobbies, people, places, or events you never knew you would enjoy. I mean I know my workmates but they are workmates, not people who I really trust and like. I did try and I felt like I got somewhere, but that's all fallen away.

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    4. As for a relationship with the opposite sex? Haha forget it, single virgin 22 years and counting. I'm not allowed to bring pets into campus, and I don't have any friends to hang out with regularly, send help.

      Its late 20s if you go to college finish college in mid 20s and then feel lonely a few years out or early 20s if you don't go to college finish school in late teens then lonely a few years out.