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Even so, Seon-gyeol is determined to find Geum-ja, and he sends some of his two of his cleaning fairy crew, Lee Dong-hyun and Hwang Jae-min, out to post missing vacuum flyers. Dong-hyun, the clear favorite cleaning fairy, is disinterested in the attention he gets from passersby. When she returns home, Oh-sol spots a woman leaving Mr. Choi just gives her a confused look.

Meanwhile, Oh-dol and his friends call Seon-gyeol and ask him to meet them at a nearby karaoke room with the reward money.

While Oh-sol is picking up garbage in an alley off a busy street, a couple of drunks accidentally knock her in the head with an empty can. When no proper apology comes, Oh-sol whirls on them in anger. But just then, her sunbae Do-jin shows up and tries to apologize on behalf of his friends. Disguised the best she can, Oh-sol runs with her garbage cart, the horse head still on.

Do-jin is persistent, so he and his friends give chase. To his credit, Seon-gyeol checks to make sure the fallen horse is okay before he even takes note of the garbage strewn across his car.

Oh-sol tosses as many bags as she can back into her cart and tries to flee without a word, but Seon-gyeol stops her. But he wants a real apology, and eventually just puts on a latex glove and yanks the mask off. Oh-sol stands mortified in front of the crowd and Do-jin. She finally gives Seon-gyeol the apology he expected and asks him to call her to make arrangements.

As she trudges off with her cart, the band sings a song for her retreat, their own horse masks removed, while Oh-dol snaps at everyone in the crowd to delete their photos and videos. Oh-sol climbs directly into bed when she gets home. Once Seon-gyeol is alone on the couch with a beer, he recalls the real Geum-ja, who seems to be his former housekeeper. In his memory, Seon-gyeol recalls visiting her at the hospital. As Seon-gyeol sits with his beer, he pulls out the fuzzy security camera image, and now he recognizes Oh-sol.

The next day at the study room, even Joo-yeon makes fun of Oh-sol for the video of her horse and cart race through the street. Oh-sol is mostly hung up on the fact that Do-jin witnessed it. When Joo-yeon asks why she likes such an average guy, Oh-sol explains that that is exactly what she likes about him. Oh-sol flashes back to her freshman orientation party where she first met Do-jin.

Not yet so sloppy, Oh-sol gets a head ruffle from Do-jin as they drink, and later gets a teasing note and coffee from him when he catches her watching him in class instead of paying attention to the lecture. Joo-yeon changes the subject then and moves on to ask about the man from the garbage cart accident. Once she returns home, Oh-sol tackles her brother as punishment for not telling her about the reward money.

As she grapples with him, she gets a call from Joo-yeon. Even though she refuses at first, Oh-sol eventually cleans herself up and joins Joon-yeon at the party, and even claims a seat next to Do-jin. When the horse head video comes up in conversation, Joo-yeon is quick to quiet everyone, and Oh-sol gets a hair ruffle from Do-jin.

Later, Do-jin finds Oh-sol sitting alone outside the restaurant. Do-jin heads in first, giving Oh-sol time to roll around in her feelings of glee.

What will happen in Suits season 8, episode 11?

When Joo-yeon finds her like this, she offers to call an ambulance, ha. After the party, Oh-sol composes a text to Do-jin and finally sends this one. She receives a response right away, and Do-jin offers to buy her lunch if she drops by his new job. She notes the quote in his messenger app profile, which are lyrics from the song that played during her walk of horse mask shame.

The next day, Joo-yeon takes Oh-sol out to pick up a present for Do-jin.

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And the obvious choice for just starting to date? Even so, she goes ahead with the purchase. Oh-sol offers to come by later, but instead Do-jin asks if she can do him a favor. The cleaning fairies hanging out in the office marvel at the way she digs in to the food.

Ah, so this must be the favor Do-jin asked of her. Back at home, Oh-sol ignores the barrage of messages and missed calls from Seon-gyeol.

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This guy is totally going to be bad news, right? The next morning, Oh-sol agrees to meet Seon-gyeol in the afternoon to return the vacuum. She places Geum-ja in a bag, and then answers a call from Do-jin. Do-jin asks to meet Oh-sol again, right now. When Do-jin returns, his coworker complains about her non-compliant model, whom she hoped to use for her Youtube stardom to drive sales. Do-jin intimately sidles up to his coworker and calls her honey, promising to take care of everything before they go on air.

She whirls to escape the confrontation, only to find herself face to face with Seon-gyeol. She darts out of his path to the dressing room and leaves him stammering. Once alone in the dressing room, Oh-sol finally lets the tears fall. A few moments later, Oh-sol composes herself and finds Seon-gyeol still lingering in the hallway. Then he calls a different woman, and gives her the same lines. While Seon-gyeol sanitizes his frustrations, Oh-sol goes the more traditional route and soaks her sorrows in soju with Joo-yeon at her side.

Oh-sol compares her crush to a horse race, where she had her blinders on and charged forward just because of a feeling, without an actual goal. When she returns home, Seon-gyeol finds her father asleep on the couch. As she pulls the covers up around him, she notes that his boxers have a tear along the seam, and this drives home the wasted money on those new underwear for Do-jin.

Speaking of the underwear, Oh-sol gasps as she realizes that she left the gift box in the bag that she handed over to Seon-gyeol. On his couch, Seon-gyeol lifts Geum-ja out of the bag, safe at last. And then he finds the gift box, and winces at the over-the-top sweetness of the note attached. And then he lifts the box lid… and finds a pair of pink briefs, complete with googly eyes, literally staring back at him.

He yelps and tosses the box away, unable to unsee it. Best accidental gift ever! But what happened to the classy Calvin Kleins we saw Oh-sol pick up? Have those been lost somewhere else even more unfortunate?

Suits season 8, episode 11 release date: When will Suits return?

And where did these elephant undies come from? I definitely get the web comic vibes and structure, especially at the end of the episode as each of our leads dealt with the consequences and annoyances of a long series of days. Seon-gyeol trying to disinfect skeezy Do-jin was amazing.

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  • Alas though, Yoon Kyun-sang is going to have to work hard to keep up with Kim Yoo-jung, because she is, unsurprisingly, already killing it. Oh-sol is a difficult character composed of many contradictions, so I can see how it might be a struggle to settle into the character. No one has ever looked that beautiful riding on the back of a garbage truck. Is he a love interest? Unlikely source of wisdom? I like that if things are going to get goofy, the goof seems to be grounded in something very real to the characters. It feels like their worst thoughts have a little surreal playground in reality.

    Overall, I think the show is still trying to settle into the balance it wants to strike between that surrealism and the heart that drives it. A few scenes felt stretched a little too thinly, like they went on just a beat too long to stay funny.

    When will Suits season 8, episode 11 be released?

    Your email address will not be published. Thanks for the recap, abirdword! Is the elephant trunk meant for upholstering human appendage? If yes, I don't know if the design is sheer genius or delightfully disturbing. I was shocked that this kind of underwear was featured in a kdrama! Ahhhhhh hotcocoagirl thanks for the clarification. When you said "yanking" I thought it was done to the elephant trunk. Ahem, kimbapnoona a lady wouldn't dare do such an improper thing Yes I am feeling the same. But anyways can't help it now.

    Kim yoo jung is so pretty shabby oh sol. She is supposed to be a slob and shrubby but even when her friend asked her when was the last time she cleaned her clothes she still looked spotless to me. The clothes looked brand new as well.