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That is the best you can do. As far as I can tell, no. It's pretty random but if they're good friends, it will happen eventually. What I tend to do is wait until I see an orange symbol in apartments. This signifies they want to either introduce a friend to another or be friends with someone else.

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Keep opening these orange problems up until your two desired Miis become friends. Reject any confessions they offer up until they offer one for your Mii of choice.

From there, just keep them happy! Maybe if you set two Miis as parents until they get together then change them back to normal and change your real parents Miis back as well, you can influence. My Miis of my parents got married. That might just be a coincidence though. Here's what I did: I decided to pick two miis to kinda force to get together, and sent everyone else to my sister.

Then I deleted them all, leaving the two alone.

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These two had no relationship at all when I started, within a few minutes they wanted to be friends. Within more time, one had feelings for the other, and in about a couple days of their relationship, they got married. I got all my people back when they started dating, it didnt mess anything up User Info: I've had this work successfully 3 times. Remember that this is a Japanese game.

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They use both western and eastern zodiacs. Just make sure your would-be-spouse is compatible with both western European and eastern Chinese zodiacs! Basically, this means that birth date and birth year are both important. I have even more data!

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It seems to be gender sensitive. Travel tickets help alot and also giving the same things User Info: This question has been successfully answered and closed. Occasionally, a Mii will ask the player to judge the Mii's relationship with another islander.

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The player can tell them that they are either great together, okay together, or not compatible. Depending on the option chosen, the relationship status will either go up, stay the same, or go down.

When Miis are hanging out in an apartment together, they may engage in conversations. If their conversation does not go well, it may become an argument which will lower their relationship level faster. If the Miis end up fighting , their relationship status will have a question mark next to it indicating dodgy feelings and the player may have to resolve a fight between both of them.

If a fight fails to be resolved, they can potentially be removed from each other's respective relationship lists and may revert back to acquaintances. Other times, if a conversation goes well, the prompt "[Mii 1] and [Mii 2] just became best friends! When Miis go on vacations together via the travel ticket, their status will go up by one or two levels automatically. When a Mii confesses to their crush and gets rejected, their status will drop one or two levels.

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If they try to confess again and still fail, the status will not go further down. Some of these categories may not show up on the status pages in certain situations. The different categories will have different descriptions for their relationship levels.

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