Home theatre hook up diagrams

The orange RCA connection is the coaxial input. The two black squares beneath the coaxial input are the optical inputs. Let's hook it up! Hopefully you have 5 speakers and a powered subwoofer.

It may be hard, but get your speakers as close to these positions as possible for the best sound. If they're small mount them feet above the height of your seating position.

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They can be placed on the sides or behind your seating position. The speakers are high and slightly behind the listening position giving you an enveloping sound stage.

Home Theater Network The Ultimate Connection Diagram

Consider placing your speakers behind the listening position. You can use a table, speaker stands, or simply mount your speakers to achieve perfect positioning for your space.

How to Connect a Home Theater to a TV

Make sure your cable is at least 10 feet long. Assuming all of this is done and the wires are run neatly around your room.

Where Do I Place My Speakers?

You can thank me later. The thicker the wire is the lower the gauge will be. The same layout from Diagram 3 is being used as the model. All speakers require a positive and negative connection for them to work as you can see above. Primarily the Subwoofer will connect using an RCA cable, the reason for this, is that a powered Subwoofer will have an amplifier built into the unit.

Basic Home Theater AV Set Up Guide - Hooking It All Up

Clear All Filters Products. Click the snake to submit the form. What do you need for a Home Theatre system? How do I hook up a Home Theatre system?

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  • All of the audio, the red and white RCA connections, will be outputted to the speakers. When selecting the appropriate input source.

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    DVD Players will usually have 3 different video outputs: They also have 3 different audio outputs: S-Video can be used if the TV does not have a Component video input. Digital audio can be decoded into a number of different surround sound atmospheres: How do I connect the Speakers in a Home Theatre system?

    Diagram 3 illustrates ideal positioning of speakers in a Home Theatre system. Glossary of Industry Terms 5. From Diagram 4 it would incorporate speakers: It utilizes a rear speaker that is located directly behind the seating area CRC. Dolby Pro-Logic - This is the surround sound "standard" format from the 's.

    DIY Audio & Video

    It consists of five speakers plus a subwoofer, however, only has three discrete channels: Front Left, Front Right and both rears acting as one channel. The center channel output the combined audio from the Front Left and Front Right speakers. Dolby Digital AC-3 - This surround sound field is considered the "new standard" for watching movies. Dolby Digital is a 5.