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SethUK, on 22 December - Check how league of legends handles things. XRey, on 22 December - U can put penalty on poor play and so u will lose more than u gain based on the skill of players that you face. This was done in chess decades ago. In fact, this is more or less what you get with wn8 at the moment. And since it will contribute to competitive gameplay no one will sacrefice their precious profile ratings for couple of easy games. VolatilityJunkie, on 22 December - Another nail to your coffin: Plenty of morons drive tier X now since all you really need to do is buy few premium tanks, grind free exp on them and buy your way up to tier X.

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Just check worst players in team I'm having same problem with randoms lately Only solution to avoid this is simply Move to 7vs7 it's way more fun now or Strongholds. Random battles will remain unplayable till WZ mission ends same story was with the IS-6 mission.


SethUK, on 23 December - LoL is the most popular and popular doesn't mean brings most revenue online free-to-play game at the moment and the whole competitive nature of it makes Riot fix imbalanced champs, bugs, COMPLAINS and so on ASAP, simply because otherwise it loses competitiveness and momentum. You must be soooo 'mature' Mr. FuzzyPowa, on 23 December - But t this point it looks like You think you must be right and at least for me arguing with the wall is not fun. If you ever want to engage a mature conversation be ready to throw out mature arguments.

SethUK, on 24 December - I'll give you a very pragmatic measure since any ranking is always biased by the interest of releasing party: The tiny differences you try to dig into are irrelevant for the topic and are the exact example of what people do when they actually lack arguments.

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Which all in all leaves my last argument unshaken. In fact, from what I notice lately, even low elo games r more or less filled with nice ppl or they are just silent.

Toxic stuff gets pinned down very fast. Looks like You think you must be right and at least for me arguing with the wall is not fun.

Riot PLEASE Fix Matchmaking, This Is Rediculus

This ain't arguing at all since you can't even throw a proper argument to discuss the matter with you, you're just trying to beat me in arguing and not trying to prove your point. Since You're so much about REP SethUK, on 25 December - So u gave up the discussion. Good, proves every single word I wrote about you. And speaking of not predictability of the matches: In the last month year WG made it very easy to proceed fast to higher tiers, therefore players are way more unexperienced.

Hence WG is not going to change this I demand a league system I concider droping this game completly and check out the competitors. This game is, due to the bad MM that throws me together with and against I do not like clubbing seals either the worst kind of players, no fun anymore.

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There must be a skill based MM, otherwise WG can be sure about losing all its marketing shares to games that do it better. PS; So nice to see you keep the discussion to the topic and not diminish your reputation by puerility. I see you are implying this isn't a team-based game.

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  • matchmaking based on wn8, rating etc..?

It's not uncommon for me to get matched with a plat while playing with my friends I don't get it I'll read over your responses to my other thread before tossing you into the ignore pile with the rest of the try hard trash here. To clarify, you just said a team is only as strong as your weakest link. The point of this thread is to asininely say that the strongest player is the ONLY thing that matters in this game, and that you need to strive to be that strongest player.

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I'll let that just sit there so you can make the connection on your own once you snap out of this weird little insecurity-induced stupor. More topics from this board Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Wayavas Wayavas Topic Creator 4 years ago 4 ssj4supervegeta posted Wayavas Wayavas Topic Creator 4 years ago 6 likematches posted