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Peace of Mind Simply one less thing to think about. Your payroll is quickly processed and expedited for you.

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The combined skills of our Tax Specialists and our technology will relieve you of your payroll worries. Time Savings Freedom from mundane tasks that aren't core to your business success. Whether you phone in, fax, or utilize PC input we will prepare your payroll and have it ready in a timely manner. Subtract the time it takes to do all of this from your work hours and you'll see the savings. Insurance Against Penalties Imagine payroll taxes shielded from the threat of federal, state and local penalties.

We safeguard you against the risk of costly tax penalties. That is the number one reason why the service pays for itself. The annual cost of our services can easily be less than one costly mistake. Carefully verifying all of our information and photos, we work in a manner similar to an executive search: Looking for your perfect match, someone with the right personal characteristics, physical, cultural and educational qualities, emotional and psychological makeup.

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CheckMates offers you a unique solution to your romantic search needs - taking the labor out of love. With the tremendous proliferation of online dating, many have discovered the risks and problems associated with such services. With no way to verify the truth or authenticity of the information and pictures offered, disappointment is common in the online dating world, and all too frequently dates prove to be a waste of one's time and effort. We can't blame Instant Checkmate for that. We certainly wouldn't want to say that the company intentionally and deceitfully did that.

Although, each customer is entitled to their own opinion. In addition, you save a substantial amount of time using Instant Checkmate to compile reports should there be a lot of information available versus having to perform a manual via Search Engine searches, contacting different services and courts, obtaining information from other third parties, etc. Think of it this way: Imagine you having to go to four different markets all 5 miles apart from each other for each of the food groups.

Pretty time consuming, right?

Checkmate Portland's Local - Accurate - Easy - Trouble Free Payroll

Now, for an additional convenience fee, wouldn't it be easier to just go to one nice big supermarket that contains everything you need? That's how we perceive Instant Checkmate. Ultimately we think Instant Checkmate is a decent tool for the money, just as long as the consumer is educated in how these people searches work in general based on public information availability as that would create realistic expectations.

Due to the brilliant design and marketing of Instant Checkmate, however, we can certainly understand why certain consumers get a bit frustrated.

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Online Dating Scam: Date Verification Part 1 - Your "date"

What a waste of money. Useless, non-factual, erroneous information. I would never use this information or even take it seriously. No, I would not recommend this to a friend. Please reach out to our US-based member care team can be reached at so we can make things right. Do you have an account?

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They just keep on taking and taking every month out of your account. Their people on the customer service phone number just kill you with kindness.

Payroll Services Include:

It was nice on the first call but on the second and third you could tell it was a trained patten I ask them if they could send me an email confirmation of the cancelation. We are glad that our customer service team was able to assist you in canceling your account.

Your Payroll Done Right

If you have any future questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at I was wanting to look up a record on someone I knew and I found a lot of information but not exactly what I was looking for but found out later that it would not have shown on the record because it was waived because they pled guilty on a charge. Thank you for the positive review and high rating! We appreciate you taking the time to leave your feedback.

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I just needed to find information on one person and my surprise, I found out a lot more than what I needed to know. This site is awesome. It gives me a lot more information than I thought it would. We're so glad to hear that our service is helping you find the information you need.

Thanks so much for the positive feedback and high rating, and if you ever have a question or need assistance with your search, our US-based member care team can be reached directly at