Nba 2k14 matchmaking problems

I queued up with 3 other friends and we couldn't get matched with another player for well over 10 minutes. And then that person dropped and we had to once again wait for a long time before we were matched with someone else.

Can't play NBA 2k15 because I can't connect to servers

I believe part of this is due to the system wanting to fill each position we had PG-PF covered and would need to find a center if this is how it works and perhaps there just were none of that position available at that time, but we would've been totally fine doubling up on any position just to get a game in.

Furthermore, two of those friends tried queuing up by themselves and waited over 20 minutes unable to find 3 other teammates. I understand the need for position balancing, but these wait times are absurd given how many people are playing this game at any given time. Like many have suggested for Pro-Am perhaps it would be good to reintroduce AIs into the rec center to fill those positions that the system seems to have a hard time finding, or at the very least do something to improve the matching system because there's no reason 4 players with different positions should be unable to find just one other person to team up with.

Remove the myteam unlimited requirement from single game goals. Being forced to win a game against vastly superior teams just to unlock the auction house is ridiculous. I just spent over an hour playing and lost all 3 games against teams with pink diamonds. It doesn't make me want to buy packs to improve my team, it makes me want to stop playing because essential parts of the game are locked and I can't progress. If I could actually sell the cards I don't want I might buy more packs but at this point I'll just get more guys who cant even be used on the bench.

When attempting to join a Pro-Am arena, we frequently get the message "unable to connect to server. Then, many times when you do get into a Pro-Am arena you are by yourself. Frequently my teammates and I all join our own separate Pro-Am arenas by ourselves as opposed to loading into the same arena. It has taken roughly minutes each time to finally get everyone into the same arena to play a game.

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I believe this has also been mentioned but when you finally are able to get all 5 members of your team in the same arena, being able to play more than one get without having to dashboard Xbox and restart the game is nearly impossible. When the game ends, my team is loaded back into the same arena, but without the ability to shoot or ready up or anything. We are free to roam the halls and beyond of the arena but unable to do anything else without quitting the game.

This is a little thing, but in MyTeam, you should get MT for forcing a backcourt violation or for forcing the opponent to dribble out of bounds. I have no name on my career. Box scores don't show my name, save file doesn't have my name, No name on the back of jersey during games. No name for anything.

Possible to do with Nintendo's online system not launching until tomorrow? In both cases, the animations had been there in previous versions of 2K. Custom alternate jerseys aren't being saved in MyLeague: I did a new Grizzlies design and the new home and away jerseys show up but the Statement jersey is still the same as before and didn't get saved to the community when I uploaded the design. Please lower the required amount for pro-am to , 5 is almost impossible to coordinate with people you actually wanna play with.

Fix the short shorts , they are not proper for the classic teams, there are certain jerseys dating before the 90's that usually will make the entire team be wearing them, but anything after the 90's is iffy, its mixed and mashed for whos wearing them. I have to include that just for reference the 94 rockets should all be wearing short shorts, it looks way off using some of these teams with long shorts.

Pro-Am has to go back down to min.

I know 2K wants to make it more competitive but now only a few amount of teams can play. I've been matched up two times with an all-AI Team already which my team won by Rec Center is almost unplayable with all the glitches and ballhogs.

NBA 2K14 patch addresses issues with MyGM and MyCareer modes

If you wanna play with 3 people and have 2 AIs on your Team it should be your choice as you'll still have an handicap when playing a full team but many people just don't have 4 friends playing 2K all the time. Why not just have a list of common names to choose from for my player? They used to do this and it was much better. You cannot select freelances or series. You have to manually timeout when you are on offense and do it there. Computer for some reason does not substitute properly! Tried different combinations of coach settings, but to no avail. For future reference, I would love the rotation timeline feature to be added to MyTeam, so that we can determine different lineups for situations.

Had a bug in MyCareer where I was offered the same contract after my 2nd season with 90 ovr as I got initially when starting the game as a 60 ovr. Fortunately as a 90 ovr I was able to change my minutes but under 90 this could be a problem if you have to play for more minutes again. Also annoying when you want to grind for VC and can't get as much per game as you could at your ovr.

The steal attempts by the CPU have to be toned down. It always seems that a team or sometimes both teams are in the bonus by the end of the quarter just because of reach in fouls. DeAndre Ayton's dunk tendency is low and unrealistic. Easily fixable in roster creator, but something they should look at for roster updates.

Not sure if other international players are getting the 4be50 and the 2fd7b errors but I keep getting them post patch. I've restarted multiple times already and it still won't connect. If you play smart and pass being sure there isn't a defender between the passing line, it should be OK. Last year, even if you know the pass was going, you didn't get the steal. My game crashes when I tried the relentless finisher drill. It's happened only after I complete a two handed dunk. I've been able to finish the drill anytime the two handed dunk animation isn't triggered. I bought some from the 2k store to equip for games, but the option to equip does not exist, nor is there a "left hand right hand" option.

MyCareer Player face keeps resetting randomly after loading a MyCareer file. Happened three times now. It is always reset back to the first face option and you have to go thru reselecting the face option you want and remaking all the changes you did originally. This on PC with an online MyCareer. Over a week later and still cant get into rec center games as a solo. How has this not been fixed????

Team Pro-Am needs to be fixed I should not have to have 5 players to play a game. For more casual players its annoying and was a fix that was not needed at all. Getting everyone to ready up at the same time was impossible due to server sync issues. Once the time hit The first pick was in, LeBron James. The second pick was in, Kevin Durant. Once the pick timer hit The third pick was in, James Harden The user said he picked Kawhi Leonard?!

But everyone else saw James Harden. Same thing with the 4th pick, he picked Steph Curry but it showed to everyone else he picked Giannis Antetekounmpo.

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Does anyone have a fix for this? Whenever Pro Am game ends it just loads us on the pro am court and the game kind of just stops working, We can walk through all of the walls and even fall through the map.

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  8. Happens to all 5 of us , we have resorted to just not playing pro am and only playing rec center. In MyGM and probably MyLeague , can they set it so that when you're negotiating a contract, the starting point is what they want?

    Top Scoring Stories

    It's super annoying to have to scroll to the right for what feels like forever just to get to a reasonable number. Or even just add a button for "Give them what they want" instead of "Negotiate" or "Walk Away".

    How To Fix Big Man Dunk Problems - NBA 2K14 PS3

    While having possession, setting up Rebound and Tempo tactics doesnt work at all. When applying tactics in the timeout menu, changes dont save tactics are all back on average when I check at the next timeout. This is crucial since online people tend to play really fast and sloppy, therefore "Limit Transition" is supposed to stop them from running up the floor and score every time Anyone kinda feel like 2k is just hopeless?

    Every year we complain about the vc and pay to win but it only gets worse. We had a team of 6 players last year , we didn't always have the opportunity to play 5 since we all had full time jobs and have other responsibilities in life , we had a decent record we were a elite team.

    NBA 2K14 patch addresses issues with MyGM and MyCareer modes – EGMNOW

    This years this change have been implemented without any warning and telling you the truth if I'd known I wouldn't buy the game. Pro am is the only enjoyable mode in this game , rec center is a disaster and when you get to play every player think they're Kobe and don't pass the ball , park is just not real basketball game. Bring back pro am for the casual player.